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Termite Controlling in Dhaka city

Termite (White Ant)

Termite (also known as 'white ant') cause serious damage to wooden doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, carpets, electrical wiring, books, documents, clothes, etc. Homes without any termite-proofing treatment; generally become infested within two to three years of construction. There is a common misconception in this country that termite infestation can not be prevented or eradicated. In fact, very effective curative and preventive treatments against termites are available. Termite-proofing is a chemical treatment process that remains effective for long period of time.

Pre-construction Termite-Proofing

When applied during the construction of the building, it protects the building from termite infestation at least for fifteen years. Pre-construction preventive termite-proofing treatment involves the application of an appropriate long residual pesticide on the floor bed just prior to the 'brick soling' stage. In addition to this a pesticide- treated soil barrier is also created around the plinth of the building. Pre-construction termite-proofing is a necessity in termite-prone tropical country like Bangladesh.

Post-Construction Termite-Proofing

Eradication and prevention of termite infestation in already constructed buildings. Pesticide with long residual action is injected through drill-holes made at infested areas of the building. Especially along the wall-floor joints. Quick Knock has extensive experience in dealing with difficult termite problems. All our service technicians are experienced and skilled in termite-proofing treatment methods.

Check Up Visits

You can call us as and when there is re-infestation during the entire contract period.

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