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About Us

QUICK KNOCK is the leading provider of pest control in Bangladesh

QUICK KNOCK was founded in 2003 with the object to meet the need for professional pest control service in this country. Now we are “QUICK KNOCK SERVICES” as a facility service provider. Over the years, QUICK KNOCK has developed pest control technologies suitable under Bangladesh's condition. The technology currently Quick Knock uses to control various pests under diverse situation is not only safe and effective but also environment friendly.

Our services are performed by highly trained and certified technicians. We have worked closely with our customers to help ensure a positive outcome and extraordinary service. QUICK KNOCK has acquired a wide range of experience such as controlling pests in the Telecommunication sector, Garments, Five-star hotel, Pharmaceuticals factory, Food processing plants, office complex, Residential building, etc. We are always in your reach to meet up your needs and carry out the services at the time convenient to you round the clock.